1st October, 2014

Version 4, Build 0400 download is finally available! This installs the latest release of the underlying database engine. It is intended only for use on Windows computers.

4th October, 2008

Build 0311 download is now available. This installs the latest release of the underlying database engine. The program now uses the issue currently being viewed as a default when cloning.

23rd June, 2007

Build 0310 is now the current official version of v3.1.

12th April, 2007

The Beta of v3.1 is now available for testing....

23th March, 2007

The latest beta (v3.1) will hopefully be up on the site shortly, as soon as I have the latest 'Runtime Engine' to include. This is currently being completed. It will provide many improvements, such as making the drop down lists ('comboboxes') work better than before.

This build will mainly contain changes to also allow the installation and running of the program under MS Vista. The Help pages are now in HTML (web page) format. The text on these pages has been manually altered in various places - so please let me know if it can be improved anywhere.

I haven't yet tried PS with Vista, as I don't have it. So, I'd appreciate any feedback if you are able to test it on a PC running Vista...

4th October, 2006

The new build has officially been released! It includes Fast Check-in, a new detailed Wants Check List, automatic field defaulting, change replication and more. There's so much in it that I probably should've called it version 4!

16th September, 2006

There is a new Beta build on this site! This one features the new Fast Check-In form. It will allow you to simply check-off comics from your Wants List and have them added to your collection. There are a load of other new exciting features too - check out the Revision History.

30th August, 2006

I found a bug with Reporting! The SQL-Designer option wasn't passing the selected comics to the chosen report. It'll be fixed when you download Build 0304 or higher...

26th August, 20066

There are no known/reported bugs with Build 0303, so I've officially made it the latest live/production release of version 3. Comic Guide release 3.1 is also now available for download.

21st July, 2006

A Beta containing the latest bunch of enhancements is now available on the Downloads page. If you have some spare time, I'd appreciate you giving it a test and letting me know if you find any problems. This Beta includes the subscription changes suggested by Peter Clark on the Discussion Forum and a new Runtime engine (which fixes amongst other things the cut, copy and paste buttons and improves XP integration). For the complete list of features check out the Revision History.

24th January, 2006

As a thank you to the volunteer Version 3 Beta Testers ('Team PanelSys') I will be sending you all a free v3 Licence. Thanks guys!

1st January, 2006

Version 3 - available on the Downloads page now!

26th September, 2005

Look out for....PanelSys Version 3.0! See the PanelSys User Group on Google for more details. The link is on the Home page. A Beta version is now available.

9th June, 2005

Build 0213 is now available. Some animations have been added and it's been tidied up a bit.

22nd March, 2005

As you can see, I've revamped the web site.
There is a new PS Build ready but I've run out of web space so at some point this year, I'll be moving www.panelsys.com to a new server with plenty of space. You may need to update your Browser bookmarks/favourites when this has happended...

26th October, 2004


US PanelSys user Justin B. emailed me to say he had spotted a problem with variants being incorrectly reported on the Wants List. I've fixed this so you'll need to download the latest Build (0212). Also, keep a look out for a new online Comic Guide (release 1.2) on the Downloads page soon...

10th June, 2004


Buy a PanelSys 2 Licence by the end of June and beat the price rise (from July the price will increase to 20.00 (British Pounds - GBP)/$32 USD).

27th May, 2004


I've implemented a few minor fixes and enhancements (download build 0211). These changes include: the suggested pricing ratio is now set when you "Apply Guide Values"/Drag and drop artwork (file) using Windows Explorer now works with the Issues form/"Clone issue" now retreives details held within Comic Guide ranges.

14th May, 2004


Build 0210 and Comic Guide 1.1 are now available for download. PS includes a new nifty search feature - matching on any part of a series name. You can find a list of the other changes in the ReadMe.txt file. As a "thank you" to the Beta testers, I will shortly be sending you all a "Panelologists Need PanelSys!" tee shirt.

30th April, 2004


I've uploaded "release candidate - Build 0210" on the Testers web site. Please let me know if you'd be willing to help test it. You can find a list of the changes in the ReadMe.txt file. This will be released on this main site if there are no problems reported within a couple of weeks. There is also a new release of the Comic Guide...

20th March, 2004


The next release has been slightly delayed. I'm waiting for a new version of the underlying database engine. Watch this space for updates...

4th November, 2003


As an experiment, I've added a Guestbook to this site. Feel free to leave me a message.

17th October, 2003


Release 2.1 of PanelSys is now available along with the new Comic Guide! Now you can download and utilise the new Comic Guide data (thousands of Marvels, DCs etc) to set up all of the ancillary comic details, saving you hours of typing. Now you have no excuse to stop you from getting your collection onto your computer! Many thanks to the Beta testers.

26th September, 2003


Release 2.1 of PanelSys will soon be available. This will allow you to use the new Comic Guide feature. I'd really appreciate some help in testing this before releasing it. Would you like to be a volunteer tester?

2nd July, 2003


A new Build (0208) is available for download. Features include: updating values at series level, bulk comic data updates and other great enhancements. See the ReadMe.txt file for complete details.

15th May, 2003


The latest issue of Micro Mart magazine (issue 748) features PanelSys in the "My Favourite Program" column.

8th May, 2003


Build 0206 is now available for download! This one adds new functionality including bulk issue deletion, transferring of comics between series and makes editing of ALL series details possible.

10th January, 2003


A new Build of PanelSys 2.0 has been released! And I've reduced the price by 5.00 GBP! This Build uses a new setup routine and includes the latest database "runtime engine". One new enhancement allows you to output reports in HTML, so that you can display your Wantslist/collection on your own web site. To make installing easier, and because so many users have Broadband, the setup file is no longer split into separate files.

14th June, 2002


I'm starting to promote PanelSys a bit more. Look out for fliers at UK Comic Marts, magazine adverts and newsgroup postings.

5th December, 2001


PanelSys For DOS and Windows have both been tested and work under Microsoft Windows XP!

5th April, 2001


You can now download a 28-day evaluation version of PanelSys For Windows. NOTE: Existing registered version 2.x users - You can download the latest build - but DON'T download the "evaluation" licence

15th January, 2001


The Downloads page of this site has been updated. It now includes (zipped) notes on grading comics and manually working out their market values. To demonstrate how easy it is to download and automatically import price updates, I have also provided a very basic sample file of pricing data.

20th October, 2000


Version 2.0 has been released to the world! A special thank you goes out to all of you that volunteered to be Beta testers.

11th October, 2000


I am now able to accept advanced orders using credit cards, debit cards, cheques, faxed credit card details or money transfers via ITrustYou.com, who act as an Escrow service.

25th September, 2000


Version 2.0 launch date is 20th October! This is the first time that the product has been available to run under Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT operating systems. The previous incarnation - PanelSys For DOS - which was first released in June 1995, has been well-received by comic collectors and has been developed continually since then, reaching version 1.9. The new Windows release builds on the existing functionality of the DOS version with many significant and useful enhancements.

18th September, 2000

The first "Beta" (BETA1) release of PanelSys For Windows 2.0 has just been sent out. If you're a volunteer tester then watch out for it appearing through your letter box shortly! I'd appreciate all of your feedback, via email, before October 10th....