• Download a file below. Once downloaded, run (or Extract and run) the file either by using Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder in which you saved the file and then double clicking on it, or via the Windows Start Menu Run option. The installer will launch a wizard to guide you through the simple installation process.
  • The downloads below will usually run in **FREE** trial mode for 28 days. Restrictions such as not being able to print reports on paper etc. are removed when you order and install a Full Licence...
  • If you are already a registered (licenced) user, exactly the same downloads on this page are used to upgrade your PanelSys program and database structure. Your collection data will not be overwritten.
  • Important Note: if upgrading from v2.n to v3 or v3 to v4: You must only upgrade your existing database after you have installed an Upgrade Licence for the version you are moving to.
  • Important Note: You may see the message "Unknown publisher" or "Windows protected your pc" - this is fine and you can continue to install the program. This is because I have not "code signed" the program as it is VERY expensive to do and I'd have to pass this cost on. The app has been passed by my anti virus checker, but feel free to run your own checks. Please read my "Windows/anti virus warnings when installing" post on the PanelSys User Group forum (see the link below) before installing. It contains useful instructions.

Please feel free to post a message on the PanelSys Users Group on Google or email me if you have any questions...


  • BETA File (16.6 MB)
    Only for volunteer beta testers use.
  • Comic Guide Data - release 4.1 (Zip file) BETA TESTER'S VERSION (782 KB)
    This data integrates with PanelSys and contains details from thousands of comics! For this FREE release, the Comic Guide information has been extracted from several user's collections and is provided to help you set up your collection database in record time! A comprehensive Comic Guide with the latest prices from a 3rd party might appear one day. Let me know if you are interested in becoming the Guardian of PanelSys Comic Guide and Pricing Data... Note: Requires minimum PanelSys v2.1 build 0210 and you MUST install the data into your PanelSys folder - so confirm the location you installed it to before installing this data.